USA Archery National Instructor (Level 2 NTS)

Archery Santa Cruz JOAD Coach

Adult Archery Development Team

M.A. in Education (UCSC)

USA Archery National Coach (Level 3 NTS)

Archery Santa Cruz Junior Olympic Archery Development (JOAD) Head Coach

Adult Archery Development Team

University of California Santa Cruz Archery Club Head Coach

Ian's Archery Stats

Started Shooting:  Recurve, January 1998 (ish)

Favorite Bows:  PSE, Hoyt, Tenbrook Archery, WinWin

Favorite Arrows:  Easton and Gold Tip

Goal(s):  Master all shooting shooting styles

Favorite Thing About Shooting: There is always more to learn

Erica's Archery Stats

Started Shooting: 20# Mohegan Recurve, August 2013

Now Shooting: 30# PSE Surge

Arrows: Gold Tip Warriors (Carbon)

Goal(s): Continue to compete in indoor and outdoor shoots!

Favorite Thing About Shooting: Every trip to the range is an adventure! I always learn something new about shooting, myself, or other amazing people!

The Instructors

Erica Gregory

Ian Garner

Archery is the fastest growing sport in the nation! It has been taking the media by storm and you can't seem to watch a movie or television show without running into someone who can drill the center of their target. It's not surprising why everyone is getting hooked on shooting - it's fun, relaxing, and a useful skill! Whether you want to hunt like Katniss, enjoy the sport like Merida, or make every arrow count like Legolas, you'll need to start somewhere!

About Archery Santa Cruz

Archery Santa Cruz is a local, small business specializing in archery instruction. Founded by Ian Garner and Erica Gregory in October of 2014 with the vision of sharing this sport with the community we love.

Our lessons are taught by certified USA Archery national instructors and coaches who focus on the student's safety, progress, and self confidence. If you are completely new to the sport or if it's been "a while" since you last shot, Archery Santa Cruz is the place for you!

With a variety of services and price ranges to choose from, we’re sure you’ll be happy working with us. If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us.

Making certain that you are comfortable, safe, and knowledgeable is our ultimate goal. Being attentive to your needs and providing you with what you require to succeed is what sets us apart from everyone else. The bottom line is, we actually care about you!