Junior Olympic Archery Development (JOAD)

When: Thursday and Friday 6:00pm-7:00pm
Tuition: $65/person/month (+$35 one time set up fee). Tuition includes 1 additional private lesson per month, and a range membership.
Prerequisite:  Must have your own equipment (if you need equipment we can get you what you need at discounted prices), and a current USA Archery Membership* (please visit USA Archery‚Äôs web page to get your membership https://webpoint.usarchery.org/wp/Memberships/Join.wp)
*Extra cost for USA Archery membership.
Ages: 10 years and up (JOAD 10-20 years, AAD 21+ years)

For more information or to enroll, please contact us or visit us at the shop.

Adult Archery Development (AAD)

Membership benefits also include:

  • Weekly practices led by nationally certified coach, Ian Garner (USA Archery Level 3 NTS)
  • Range Membership
  • USA Archery archery achievement pins
  • One additional private lesson per month
  • USA Archery membership

NTS is USA Archery's "National Training System" It is a successful way of teaching archers to shoot using biomechanically efficient body positioning and a "step by step" shooting sequence.  NTS is proven to help archers shoot consistantly and efficiently in less time and with a reduced chance of injury. For more information on NTS and how it is used in our lessons, please see our "NTS Guide" in the downloads section.

Taught by Coach Ian Garner (USA Archery Level 3 NTS Coach), Junior Olympic Archery Development (JOAD), and Adult Archery Development (AAD) helps archers to learn and enjoy the sport of archery while earning score based USA Archery achievement award pins. JOAD and AAD offers both recurve and compound archers the opportunity to learn range safety and learn how to shoot using NTS in an environment that also fosters focus, increased self-confidence, and team building skills. Archers have the option to also compete in both local and regional tournaments. Aspiring JOAD/AAD archers can even go on to earn a seat on the U.S. Archery Team (USAT) to compete in other countries representing the United States on behalf of USA Archery. Recurve archers have an additional option to try out for a coveted spot on the US Olympic Archery Team!